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3-axis machining center. Custom length cuts. GRACO siliconized packaging line.

All our building systems are tested at Black Water Testing Laboratory in Florida, USA to guarantee the best performance of water tightness, air permeability and wind resistance, guaranteed by obtaining the maximum results and meeting the Miami Dade County NOA Cat. 5 hurricane resistance certifications.

Our customers often need several tasks completed before their components are ready for the next stage of the process. In addition to our aluminum CNC machining services, we can take on bending, fabrication, welding, deburring, assembly and a selection of other options. Why waste time transporting your components between companies, when we can do all the work needed in one location?


Annual production capacity: 13,000 ton
2 Extrusion presses
Extrusion according European standards EN 755-9 & EN 12020
Heat treatment according European standards EN 755-2:2009
T4 – T5 – T6

Powder Coating

The powder coating of the profiles is one of the aluminum surface treatments that, as well as protecting it even more from natural corrosion, allows it to obtain an unlimited variety of colors to respond to our client’s needs.

IDA’s powder coating is guaranteed with the maximum European quality seal certificate, QUALICOAT, to assure the quality of the whole process.


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